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VALOR-M Industrie - Recycling and sale of industrial plastics

Our granulation technology and process allows the transformation of mixed plastics into granules of remarkable quality.

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We offer a full range of recycled PP and HDPE with a wide range of properties and premium quality levels.

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Our company VALOR-M Industrie is a specialist in plastics recycling.

The founders of the company, with their rewarding and enriching experiences in the field of Recycling and Plastics processing in France, are setting up in Morocco, in Ain Atiq Temara, Rabat.

VALOR-M Industrie has expertise in the field of plastic waste regeneration in the form of pellets. We offer pragmatic and comprehensive solutions for the extensive recycling of plastic waste.

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A diverse team and equipments

A team of experts and professionals spread over our production site.

A total expertise on our products

A team of experienced engineers and technicians.

A commercial service closest to your expectations

A reactivity and processing of your express request.

A compliance with regulations

In full compliance with Moroccan legislation.



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